Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 5.. with all its pains and promises

Wrapping up week 5 of Marathon training and boy my feet hurt. I would kill for a foot rub…or just name your price. The worst part about an 18 week training program is trying to decide when in the 18 weeks should I use the massage sessions, reflexology sessions or call on all the men that promised me that amazing back rub from my dating days. And you thought it would be putting my sneakers on….you will learn… I have lost my mind! When you lose your mind silly things like putting your sneakers on to go run 10 miles is not that bad. Thank High Power to “happy places” in the mind.

This week is actually a little more challenging because my very important running partner (2nd one in this year…first one moved, sure he will come up on occasion in the blogs) is dealing with this annoying thing called pain so I am flying solo. Last week taught me that there is a reason an expert put together a schedule and he might just know what he is talking about. Boss doesn’t like it when on Monday morning I am an hour late and don’t know my name much less his… so no more crazy stunts like running several miles more than the schedule says.

I have never in my life been so driven to follow rules and do exactly as told.


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