Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alcoholics Anonymous may have this all wrong…

Just hand them a pair of sneakers and watch their ability/desire to drink diminish.

What now seems like a lifetime ago, if I was doing the humiliating walk of shame at 6am I usually would not be paying attention to sunsets or views. Usually more concerned with who might see me. Week 5 of Marine Corps Marathon training ended with this view…

The prior week I might have had the same beautiful view but the evening before I was given strict instructions to yell “Wench!! Give me some Ale now!” every time I wanted my beer mug refilled. That is apparently how they roll at medieval dinners and I might have gotten a little too comfortable yelling “Wench” to some random woman (A whopping 4 times). Paid dearly for it on the 9.5 mile run the next morning. Unclear as to if I should be embarrassed that it took only 4 beers to create that mess, my mind was put to ease when a fellow runner shared his story of a drinking adventure that ended…. (We don’t know how it ended cos he is not sure how it ended).

Moral of the story: We think we are runners with a drinking problem but quite frankly we are a bunch of light weights.

This theory was proven yet again when I thought I would surprise my ‘cover girl stunning’ girlfriend with an unexpected visit. Now most of us know that when we go to Grandma’s house she will have treats for us or if we go to Aunties house she will have something special for us. Well, ‘cover girl stunning’ girlfriend always has champagne. Thank goodness I now live within walking distance from her because 2 glass bowls (doubt she owns flutes) later I am regretting the decision to run at 5:30am the next day. You are most likely wondering why I don’t just run in the evening. Well that’s because I was scheduled to indulge in a love affair with many many pieces of sushi at a Happy Hour the next day. 5:30am Come around and I was successful at completing the 3 mile run followed by 2 showers (“huh?” “Why 2 showers Illana?”). I might have forgotten to do everything people do in the shower because I got so wrapped up in stretching while in the shower. So now with everything done that needed to be done I was ready to dress for my post work sushi happiness. I put my sneakers away, skim over my work shoes (aka flip flops) and grab my patent red leather heels all the while asking myself out loud “So lets get this straight. You are willingly walking into a situation that involves drinking knowing full well you have to run 5 mile tomorrow?”. Most people wonder if going to a Happy hour is a good idea because they might do something they regret later that night… runners wonder how much they are going to regret it on their run the next day.       

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  1. Some say drinking and driving don't mix, true for drinking and running; unless, you want to numb the pain of course. Hee, hee!!