Friday, August 26, 2011

7 pounds of salt….

Why do cows need to lick salt blocks:
When salt intake is below that required to meet the animal’s need for sodium and chloride, the animal adjusts by conserving salt. Urine output of sodium and chloride nearly stops. A continuous low salt intake affects the health of animals through a loss of appetite and weight.  Bluh bluh something else boring and  bluh bluh bluh something else”. (Courtesy of Yahoo!Answers)

 (Where you could find me this past weekend)

I think the above does this cow justice when you ask why I inhaled a cheeseburger (Friday routine), only had ONE slice of pepperoni pizza all day Saturday and shamelessly pulled up to McD’s Drive thru at 10pm. Paid cash for a Angus Quarter pounder with fries like I was meeting a street hooker and didn’t want any proof on my debit card of such dirty encounters. Might be the only time in my life I didn’t care what they did with the Coco Cola. And of course the weekend would not be complete without a fried Shrimp Po’Boy and fries. In case logic and math is not your strongest quality… that is a BOATLOAD of salt and not enough food for a weekend. Now I am well aware that I need to take ownership of my behavior but Saturday was somewhat out of my control. They said there would be lunch…more like a snack before the real snacks get here. Lunch my rear-end. Does a food event organizer not know what a meal looks like? And McD’s was out of pure desperation. Oh wait there might have been an all sausage and bacon omelet the size of my head in there somewhere. All this resulted in the scale been 7 pounds heavier from last week. Needless to say Sunday’s 13 mile run… correction strong 6 miles to bootcamp, 5 painful miles after an hour of bootcamp and a 2 mile walk was by far my worst showing ever.

“And the Award for Worst Athlete Ever goes to…. ILLANA!”

 (I have not figured out photoshop yet, don't judge)

Monday morning Edward Cullen and I had more in common than our passion for fast cars….

(My eyes)

 I was glowing with salt crystals on my skin. Only because I don’t live out near a cow farm I was able to survive the day and make it to the store for REAL food.

     (btw all for less than $85...who said you can't do healthy on a budget. B&J is healthy and I will fight you if you say different)

Just when I was coming to terms with my life been controlled by an 18 week Hal Higdon Marathon training schedule reality bitch slapped in the form of an 13 mile run. This running all the mileage crap is for the birds. You can run your little heart out, run your big wobbly legs off, run off 2 of your 4 ass cheeks but, none of this matters if YOU DON’T EAT RIGHT!!! My life is now run by veggies, mini bagels, and eating all the time. Prior to training I would scream and yell about how annoying the eating 3 times a day thing is. NOW it’s like 6, 7, 100 times a day. What do I do to keep myself somewhat sane during these food infested days? Soda on Thursday cos I am tired and I need to boost, a bag of potato chips on Friday as I have until Saturday morning to get it out of my system, Chocolate milk to get the calories and nutrients I need (love this one) and passionately make out with a bacon cheese burger with caramelized onions on a Friday. Aside from these little treats that make me feel human I live a life of eating healthy and eating more healthy.

(Avo, Tomato on a toasted wrap made at work)

And here I am going around calling myself a Runner… pfft.   

As a side note because even as a rookie Runner and now apparently Eater I do make time for other fun things:

Running partner and I tired something new. We did a wine class with some oil painting. Wait I said that wrong.  We did an oil painting class with some wine. Great time, not ideal for meeting new guys but great second date place (hint for anyone that needs ideas).

Look at how great we did.

So to sum up Week 8 going into 9… we got it done. Need I even mention the lesson learned?

What do you do to keep yourself sane during training and what non-running things did you do to make life normal?

Happy Friday

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