Friday, August 12, 2011

Body vs Stubborn Head…Body is the reigning champion.

In an attempt to bring the two lifestyles together I thought a cocktail (notice how I said “a”) on a Friday evening should be nice, followed by a good nights rest before Saturday 6am 7 mile long run. That thought was very valiant (cough cough stupid cough) of me because a 7mile run with 3 hours of sleep and then 5.5 mile run in the evening (did we mention stupid already) all came together at 3am Sunday morning*. Nothing prettier than me sprawled out on the bathroom tile floor trying to break a spike in temperature by absorbing every ounce of cold from the tiles, occasionally mustering up the energy to expel anything and everything in my body. Problem with that is I didn’t eat very well AT ALL last week so this whole adventure just flat out sucked. Luckily I learned my lesson very quickly and now we can talk about something more awesome. By the way the lesson learned EAT FOOD while training, don't have late nights and don’t do more than the schedule says (I know I said that a couple of weeks ago and someone was kind enough to feed me my own words back… thx)

Some may be wondering why I threw in an extra 5.5 miles Saturday. Well, because I got to do the coolest thing EVER. I was able to participate in a mini-Ragnar with some of my running group friends. So for those that don’t know what a Ragnar is I looked up the definition and I got “Ragnar: Definition of Insanity”. No but really here is the link to the description of Ragnar

(At check-in folding map for bra insertion)

So with little to no sleep in me, one visit to a sushi buffet all day and my superhero T-shirt, I laced up and waited anxiously at the start of the 2nd leg for the band to be snapped on my arm.
(1st leg runner coming up to snap me)
(Ragnar band)

Print out of the map folded and shoved in my sports bra and water bottle in hand I jet off from Pentagon City to Logan circle. No idea where Logan circle is but there I go. Less than 1 mile later a group of fellow Ragnar ladies yell out to me “Do you know where you are going” I respond “Sure I do”… I don’t think they picked up on my sarcasm. I struggled my way through the next 3 miles only needing to pull the paper map out of my soaking wet bra 3 times (note to self: paper and sweat don’t work well together).

 Up before P St, and yes I thought gosh I would like to pee right about now, we were signaled up a hill which last I checked no one told me there were hills, but its okay I was going to take this hill and make it mine. Not only did I bitch slap the hill but apparently it was my calling to take the whole Pst and show it who is boss. I was not about to let people pass me or let little orange hand signals on the traffic lights stop me or let stupid pedestrians get in my way. The last mile the only thoughts going through my mind was “girl your feet are lined up, your hips are faced straight ahead and your heart and sights are looking Ragnars and Ultras right in the face, this is YOUR time”. Yes I have been bitten and I have been bitten hard. I gave up on planning every step my life a longtime ago and now that I have surrendered I can see that my higher power is pulling me in a certain direction and that direction involves some crazyass shenanigans. Life is good and only going to get better.
(Bring it on!)

Speaking of better... I am happy to say my running partner is back on track and graced me with her presence for our Wednesday run…. Everything is how it should be again. Food is cooked and ready to be eaten often, running partner is back and life is good. Yippi.

*No I did not puke my guts out from drinking too much.  

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  1. Thanks for the blog it is inspiring and certainly motivating, especially on those days that I'm immobile. Nonetheless, reading these remind me that, like you said, just keeping the hips straight, shuffling your feet forward, and goodl old will power will get me to runforthefinishline. Ok, back on track with training and here we are week 8.