Friday, August 19, 2011

Well I’m still trying to figure it out….

Week 7 finished out pretty uneventful with a 12 mile on Saturday morning 7am. My running partner is completely to blame for the late start and me threatening to beat people with my very cheap red patent leather high heel the night before had nothing to do with it.

I was a little disappointed that at mile 9.5 I was getting moody.

(I knew she was looking at my ass)

(Trying to humor ourself)

I was, without a doubt, in need of an attitude adjustment considering if we were on race day I would have 16.7 miles still to go. Yes I pulled out a calculator to figure that out, don’t judge. Aside from chitchatting with my running partner we did come across something really cool and no it is not the amazing breakfast I made for myself and my roommate.

(Yes that is waffle with mushed up frozen banana and chocolate sauce. I finished my Choc milk before the photo- op)

No, this is what we came across....
(He is REAL)

Not only is Santa real but HE RUNS TOO! How cool is that. You might have noticed Santa sporting pink hair

(Can you tell I am now feeling like a selfconscious idiot getting my picture taken with a Santa?)

Well he is doing it for a really awesome reason . Once he raises $8500 he is going to shave the pink hair down into a mohawk… badass Big S.

This of course reminded me of my quest for the perfect charity to latch on to and do what I love to do. Help People. For several months now it has been on my mind to combine my passions (running and helping) with an organization but there are so many out there and no one charity is more important than another. (Oh dear what do I do). This dilemma was highlighted yet again when I perused my competition in the Chocolate Milk Refuel Team Contest. Dear lord people are doing such amazing things in their life. But I am not about to let that put a stop to anything. Although I am a huge advocate for the DC Central Kitchen (Speaking of them I am all over this mainly because one my biggest driving forces is my fear of ending up homeless and with no food. Very possible when your family lives 10 000 miles away. 

So aside from been reminded that there are amazing people out there, not overdoing the training (sticking to the schedule) and just having great girl talk with running partner the week has been uneventful.

WAIT a minute!!!!!!

There was the ever so painful 3 mile run on a treadmill. I have decided come hell, high water or lightening I am running outside.
(The treadmill that even Hell would not like)

Now looking at this picture everything looks fine, nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well look again… do you see the door on the mirrored wall? Well that door is smack in the middle of my ability to check my ass out while running. I have lost 2 of my 4 butt cheeks and since there is NOTHING else to do while on a treadmill I would like to take at least one min to critic my hard work.  BUT NOOOOOOOOOO there has to be a stupid door in the way. Lesson learned rather commit suicide than run on a treadmill again. My apologies to those who are sensitive to suicide. 

I digress

Thank you everyone for voting for me. I am so grateful!!!!

Running partner shared this with me:
"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living".
Nelson Mandela

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