Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have surrendered to 2 things in life.

  1. Planning every step of your life makes for good jokes for the dude that pulls the strings
  2. Listen to the whispers that over time become a screaming blow horn

(belly laughing higher power)

Plan was to be a big fancy executive with a corner office, then a successful therapist that was going to save the world, then be a wife to a IT hotshot with all the big, fancy expensive stuff he could ever want, then marry a man with a child that had special needs and build a beautiful home… and so the plans continued each time ending with Him belly laughing and me starting again… and again.

Well after many attempts to plan every step of my life I have surrendered to the whisper that started back 2003 and is now a screaming blow horn:


If only that whisper didn’t cost me and people involved an expensive wedding, failed marriage, failed relationships, another failed relationship and many years in a shrink’s office.

Sneakers are so much cheaper than therapy.

Average cost of a therapist                      = $480/per month
Average cost of pair of sneakers              = $120 every 4 months
Average cost of a race                            = $ 45-$120 if and when you can
(Therapy fun fun)

Race day is almost like a huge conference for the battered, bruised, challenged Badass’s in the world. We all stand at the start line with one foot forward, finger on the GPS watch looking straight at the challenge ahead of us and waiting for that huge blow horn to go off.

Along the way we see shirts that reinforce how badass we are and signs that validate our determination. These are a few mantra’s we get to see during a race.


“Pain is weakness leaving the body” (my fav)
“If this was easy then EVERYONE would be doing it”
“If you are reading this you were passed by a pregnant woman”
“I fight cancer… what do you do?”

Going into week 11 of training with a renewed sense of determination, I will be thinking about how great my runs are, how great my life is and how the blow horn is so much louder than any plan.

What is your fav Mantra on race day?


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